Setting your goals and making your dream comes true!!

Icey Ice Pty Ltd aims to expand our snow ice business everywhere in Australia. We intend to grow with a strong foundation. If you are interested in running your own business, Icey Ice snow ice is definitely the first choice.

Icey Ice Pty Ltd is the only and exclusive agent of snow ice in Australia. The product of snow ice is a unique selling point, as it is a brand new dessert, a new experience never seen before to the market in Australia. Our experience provides you an assurance of unique products and a well-supported system. We, Icey Ice team shares our enthusiasm and energy, and strongly believe that for Icey Ice snow ice to be successful, everyone involved must shared the passion and rewards.

We are currently looking for retailers who are passionate about the brand of Icey Ice snow ice, and its unique products to join the team and share the financial rewards of an international network. If you would like to know more about our business opportunities, please carefully review the information on the next page.